Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Step 2 "Sensing the Goal" & Step 3 "Now"

The second step of the Path is "Sensing the Goal". The Dream is an expression of identity and orientation. It gives direction. However, the Dream is not the pathfinder's goal. The goal helps the pathfinder realize and deepen understanding of some of the values expressed in the dream. To describe the sense of success, the pathfinder uses the thinking tool of looking backward. The pathfinder vividly and concretely imagines that success has already happened and describes the changes that have resulted as if they are real.
Because this is a first Path for Sam, he is young and we really wanted the family, friends and supporters to join in and knowing that there will be many more path sessions for Sam we visualized what life would be like for Sam at age 19. In most cases you would look out 18 months to 5 years.
At age 19 Sam is in school but may be thinking about graduating and working full time at J&H. His job is established and he is working independently. He has graduated from his home program NACD which would mean he has achieved his neurodevelopmental goals. Sam is speaking and hearing clearly, he is able to express his wants and thoughts. He understands and handles his chores on his own in preparation of living on his own. He is caring for a pet and he is a member of the YMCA and working on his health and physical fitness. He has pride in his achievements and has an award or trophy for one of his accomplishments. He is involved in his church as an usher or volunteer. Of course I can't forget his brother's goal for him, he has his drivers license. Whew...that's a lot to complete in 10 years.

And yet, when I look at this step now I would add even more. I would add his various trips and travels to places that interest him. I would talk more about his circle of friends and their activities and outings. I would talk about what sports he's now involved in and the many activities or hobbies he enjoys which will probably include new toys, like a jetski or golf cart. I would add that he is happy, he feels connected to his community and he loves and cherishes his family and extended family.

This is a great deal of information to think about and reflect on, so Step 3 has us look at what Sam's situation looks like now. A snapshot of the present.

This is what Sam's snapshot/present day situation looks like now. He is homeschooled with assistance from NACD, His abilities vary from Preschool to 2nd Grade. He is happy, his health continues to be a concern but is improving. Sam's immune system is becoming stronger with his diet and additional supplementation of Vitamin D, CoQ10, C and Zinc. He is always hungry and his diet and access to food must be monitored. He is talking more and more with the addition of his hearing aid and Speak supplment, It will take Sam another year to become fully comfortable with his hearing aid and his new way of hearing. He has learned how to scooter utilizing his weaker right side. His endurance is improving. Due to his homeschool situation and health issues he currently has few friends. Sam is currently best described as an "observer" instead of a "doer".
This gives us our starting point and really gives you an idea of how far we have to go to reach Sam's goal. Next we are on to Step 4-Identifying People to Enroll and Step 5-Recognizing Ways to Build Strength. But for now I need to build some strength by getting some sleep. I think I have given you a lot to think about and stay tuned for the remaining steps to Sam's path. This journey is going to get exciting!!!

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