Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some Moments Just Take Your Breath Away!

As we traveled across many different states during our Utah road trip Sam would often comment on something he saw!

You have already heard how popular the word "mountain" was. We also heard "Mommy, mountain snow", "Mommy, mountain, climb...climb...climb".

This photo was taken as we drove across the flatland at the very top of the mountain. Sam said "Mommy clouds" and you couldn't help but notice how the top of the mountain seemed to be touching the clouds.

And yet as we traveled through an animal preserve that had huge bears, deer and buffalo walking right past the van sometimes close enough to touch, he showed little to no interest. Possibly because we have studied too many animals and he figures "Yeah, I already know that" or he just wasn't into animals that day. Brooke, Danielle and I were amazed at this park and how close you could get to the animals. It was a really cool experience.

But the moment we will all forever remember...

was when we drove into the Grand Teton National Park. The sheer beauty of God's creation was everywhere you looked from the breath taking snow covered mountains to the beautiful lakes and the gorgeous prairies. It was one of those rare occasions when everyone in the van was silent just taking in the awesome views.

Sam was sitting in the seat behind me and in the silence I suddenly heard

as clear as day

Sam say, "Amazing!".

I asked the girls if they heard what he said through my tear filled eyes, Brooke was quickly journaling the moment into our travel journel, Danielle was blinking away her own tears. Sam's face was filled with awe and amazement as he looked out onto the snow covered mountains. I know to most people, an 8 year old boy saying "Amazing" wouldn't bring about the same depth of emotion. But for Sam, a boy that struggles with expressing himself, a boy that often names objects but doesn't quantify them like he did at that moment, a boy who usually chooses the obvious or easiest thing to say...for us this was a Sam moment. A moment when he felt and then spoke...a moment when he took in not just one piece but everything he was viewing and described it better than I could have ever imagined. He chose a word that he has heard but has not read or been instructed on and he used it perfectly! If I had ever wondered if the 3 year journey of getting Sam's hearing aid was worth it. That day...that moment...defined it for me!

I thank you God for this most AMAZING day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes.

e. e. cummings


  1. I can totally relate to you! WTG Sam!! That is amazing in and of itself :).

  2. How beautiful, I am longing for a car trip, hoping my three will be able to tolerate it. WTG Sam!!