Monday, September 20, 2010

Road Trip Diary - DAYS 13, 14 & 15

I'm going to try to finish up the Road Trip Diary, since we are on yet another journey...this one not so much fun. On day 13 we kept hearing on the radio that it was going to rain, so we decided to hang out at the island. However, in true weather man fashion, they lied and we had no rain. It was hot and muggy so we floated a lot in the water. We decided to skip lunch and had an early dinner of tacos.

Brooke and Danielle attempted to make ice cream with the ice cream ball we purchased at Cabelas. Check these out a You put the ingredients in the center, ice and rock salt in the outer chamber and roll the ball around for about a half hour and you have fresh yummy ice cream. That is unless you have Danielle and Brooke make your ice cream. There is this little thing called reading instructions. They said they read them but after a half hour their ice cream was still watery. I opened the lid and tasted the liquid on the top. You probably can tasted like salt. I asked them, "Where did you put the salt?". They both answer, "In with the cream". I then explained that the salt goes is the outer chamber with the ice. They both said, "We were kinda wondering why ice cream had so much salt in it". We rowed over to the van and went out for ice cream instead. While at the ice cream shop the girls talked with an older man from the area (so much for my "Don't Talk To Strangers" speech) and they told him we were going to go to the beach tomorrow. He suggested the local favorite Pemequid Point in Bristol Maine,

We got up early on Day 14 to make our way there. We should have taken this trip on the day before when it was hot and muggy because now the weather was colder and foggy, but it's all part of the adventure.

See they were troupers, even in the fog.

We let Sam run and play in the ocean for awhile but then decided it was kinda damp and chilly so we would go for a drive and get some lunch. We drove to the lighthouse...I mean really you have to see at least one lighthouse if you visit just wouldn't be right if you didn't. The girls gave me a really hard time about this portion of the trip.

Brooke: "Really Aunt Sue??? You're going to pay $6.00 to go look at a lighthouse in the fog??"

Danielle: "Mom, we can skip this."

But I stuck to my guns and we were going to see that lighthouse...well kinda...through the fog.

The girls had to admit there were some really cool rock structures. The ocean is an amazing artist.

It had a little museum that pretty much just made Brooke and Danielle chuckle even more. Brooke took these pictures of ....

I don't really even know what those things are??? But there was this really cool, huge lobster.

That wasn't really all that exciting either. But we did have a really great lunch and we watched one of the waiters throw the scraps to the seagulls. Brooke was sure he was going to be eaten seagulls????
I looked at this picture of me helping Sam through the rock structures. If I knew then what I know now, we may not have done this type of climbing. It's probably a good thing I didn't know what was going on with his hips and just let him enjoy his vacation.

We went shopping at the local shoppes and picked up some beautiful silver jewelery. We even found our road trip ring. Brooke, Danielle and I all have the same 3 clover ring which signifies the 3 of us and Sam is the band that holds us together.

We headed back to the island and we decided to be rebels. We washed our hair with regular shampoo and conditioner in the lake. We were not being nature conscious...but wow did that feel good.

On Day 15 we hung out at the island, sun bathing, swimming and taking it easy. At night we began the process of packing and paddling everything over to the van. We were able to get everything packed except for our clothes and food. I creatively wrote about our experience on the island which is a really nice place...but not something I would look forward to doing again. I miss running water way too much.

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  1. Hello Susan, looks like fun. I'm Glad you paid $6 to see the light house, I would have too.

    Jeanne Selep