Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A New Day

Sam maintained last night after they gave him the oxygen and fluids. He is awake today and more than a little unhappy about the return of the oxygen, the IV's and that blasted pulse ox on his toe. I have never seen anything bother him as much as a pulse ox.

To me, it's a good sign. He's more coherent and taking in what is happening around him but that means we have to be more creative. He has already removed one IV so we have a tent and restraint built around the remaining one.

He is drinking a little water and was happy to get a little white soda. They are talking about removing him from the ICU, YEAH!!! Everyone was great but we want to keep making steps to getting home.

I'm already working on my questions for discharge. We love Caz from Hanger Orthotics, he has checked on Sam daily. Sam's heart rate is still a little high but they are again weaning him off the oxygen.

Okay, have to go, Sam's needs another hit of morphine. Note to self...hip surgery must really hurt which means I need to get more exercise and lose some weight to protect those hips. I will try to check in later.


  1. LOL - I think there are a few of us out here who could use a little more exercise and a little less weight. So glad to hear that Sam is doing OK. Hang in there, Super Mom!

  2. Sue, You, Sam and your entire family are in my thoughts and prayers every day. Rachel, Erica and I pray for Sam every night. I hope you are all home soon! Love, Audrey

  3. Sue, you've done such a great job keeping everyone up to date with Sam's progress. Hoping each day finds him feeling better and closer to coming home and healing. Keeping you both in my thoughts daily. I can really relate to some of your posts; Nolan was constantly going after his IV site during his surgery at Children's in August...Hang in there, your energy and dedication are truly amazing. I enjoy catching up with your blog when I am able. Hugs to Sam, too; what a sweet, smart boy, and so lucky to have you for his Mom :-) Take care, Jennifer p.s. I've asked my sister and nephews in Maine to send a note to Sam for his Google Earth project!