Saturday, December 4, 2010

Something for Sammy!

Soooooo, in one of my previous posts I talked about the Bummer Bear, Well, yesterday Sam's Bummer Bear arrived and he's PERFECT. He has stitches along his left thigh and he's wearing a body brace just like Sam will have.

The bear will go into surgery with Sam and then will come out of surgery with his brace on, just like Sam. I will also use the bear/brace as a visual to explain different procedures to Sam. Jenny Robbins, CEO and Den Mother for Bummer Bears is wonderful to work with and we problem solved together as they created this custom special order bear for Sam. Thanks Jenny and everyone at Bummer Bears, you outdid yourselves!!

While Sam is recuperating I need to continue to fill his mind and world with experiences to keep him engaged and learning. Sam's school is working on skyping Sam into his music class and the regular classroom to give Sam a chance to participate with his classmates. His classmates have been wonderful about creating special projects for Sam and sending him get well cards. The school is also supporting an online membership to which is a great website that provides short animated films on the curriculum Sam would be covering in school. I add books and projects to these short clips to create fun unit studies for Sam.

Another idea Danielle and I came up with will help Sam work on his reading and geography. We are asking people to send a postcard, letter or card to Sam (age 10) as he recuperates from hip surgery due to Perthes and hip dysplasia. Please type in an easy to read larger font (Size 16-18) so Sam and I can read them together. Tell us about you and where you live. Sam and I will use Google Earth to pinpoint your location, learn about the weather you are having and view photos of your area. If you have never heard of or experienced Google Earth, check it out. This is a wonderful way to learn geography and it allows you to fly all over the world from your computer. Please pass on this information to your friends and family. We want to help Sam receive cards from all over the globe so he can read, research and learn about different areas of the world. Please send your card to:

Sam Mayer
679 Kara Road
Grafton, WI 53024

Thank you for your help with this!

Oh...and one more thing...if you happen to know Oprah Winfrey or someone else who would like to pick up Sam and I from the hospital, put us on a personal jet and fly us someplace warm to recuperate for 2 + months...that would be great too!!! Hee Hee!


  1. Oh - that bear is WONDERFUL! I wish I could send you and Sam off on a world cruise for the next 2 months... of course I'd want to come too!