Thursday, May 5, 2011

And Now For Some Funny Moments...Brought To You By Sam Mayer

With all the seriousness of the last couple of's time for a couple of laughs. I'm working with Sam on his NACD program. Sam listens through his BAHA hearing aid to a story that I have read on tape and then he practices his memory work of the first commandment. I hooked up his hearing aid to the recorder and played his story which he loved, answering the questions asked and turning the page when indicated. Perfect!!

After the story he listens to and practices saying the first commandment for his memory work. I pull out the sheet with the commandment on it and as soon as Sam see's it he says, "Mom, No God". I chuckled and said, "Sam we're doing God today". Hee Hee

It has been interesting to come up with chores for Sam considering some of his physical issues but I did find one thing he is a master at.

So if you hate matching socks, Sam is available for hire. Payment can be made in Rice Dream Ice Cream or Gluten Free Pretzels. Sock dangling was once a favorite stim of Sam's so we had to turn it into something useful. Notice he gets a little dangling in between the matching/folding and don't even get me started on Sam's obsession with holes. A tiny hole in a sock or shirt can suddenly become two strips of material when Sam gets a hold of it. We also don't buy shirts with button holes, no preppy polos for Sam...he's strictly a loose fitting skate board shirt kinda guy. They go well with his DC hat.

Speaking of clothes...I have another funny story. Sam is 10 but due to his robust size he wears men's small shirts but I began to have problems with pants. Shorts are great because you can buy men's athletic shorts and if they are a little long he still looks trendy, but long pants are a challenge. Sam didn't earn the nickname "Big Belly Sam Elly" for being thin and trim. His buddah belly needs a men's small to fit his waist but then the length would be way too long. So one day I had a brilliant idea. Let's try a pair of women's medium athletic pants that are capri length. Huh, are you liking it???? Now he has the perfect size waist with the perfect length and no I don't tell him he's wearing women's pants. On him they look like perfectly sized athletic pants as long as you don't mistakenly buy the low cut. And people were worried that I wasn't using my marketing and problem solving skills any longer.

Sam is obsessed with food and loves to talk about fast food restaurants although he can't eat very much at them. Here is one of our conversations today:

Sue: "Sam, what do you want for breakfast?"
Sam: "McDonalds"
Sue: "No McDonalds"
Sam: "Taco Bell"
Sue: "No Taco Bell"
Sam: "Pizza Hut"
Sue: "No Pizza Hut"
Sam: "George Webbs"
Sue: "No George Webbs"
Sam: "Hmmm"
Sue: "What are you thinking"
Sam: "No Mommy, Sam Go"

Ya gotta love him.

Our dog Buddy seems to be having spring allergies and has been sneezing a lot. No matter where Sam is in the house when Buddy sneezes, you hear a little voice say "Bless you, Buddy!"

The last story has to do with running an errand today. My car is being repaired so I am using the van. The van is the official road trip vehicle. Sam and I get in the van and as I'm putting my seat belt on Sam says "Okay Mommy, ocean?" I laughed and said "No Sam, we're not going to the ocean, we are just running errands". He hesitated and then said "Okay Mommy, mountains". He is a hoot!

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  1. I do a fair amount of clothes shopping for my aunt with ds. She is 4'7" and weighs 160 pounds. I also buy capri crop pants as pants for her. They fit perfectly. :)