Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking For Some Extra....!!

I received so many wonderful email responses from my last post. I want to thank everyone for reading, for listening and for your encouragement. I have the best friends and followers.

In the last month I have been mainly concentrating on Sam's diet, supplements and getting him back into his home program. I cleaned up my house like a maniac because of the holidays and because it really needed it. But honestly...I knew I was using cleaning, Sam's new regiment and the holidays as a wonderful distraction.

In a continuing effort to live in the present and not stew over the past or worry about the future...I was concentrating on each day. For the worries that wanted to take me over...I wrote them down and put them into my prayer box. I began each day praying for guidance, praying for the people and concerns in my life and then I prayed for a little extra...

Patience to allow me to work with Sam and be a good listener to my friends and family. Courage to face whatever life might throw me next. Strength to be a good friend, good wife, good mom, good person and to be there for those that need me. Faith to my God, my husband and my family. Love for my husband, my children, my family, my friends and my community.

Tonight I need to ask for a little something extra from all of you...extra prayers.

Tomorrow Sam will go in for the x-ray on his hip. This appointment will determine if we stay in Wisconsin or if we head to Miami, Florida to see Dr. Dror Paley, a specialist in the field of Perthes. If the x-ray shows that his hip has stopped breaking down and re-growth is occurring we can wait a little longer and just schedule the hardware removal surgery from his hip and thigh bone. If the x-ray shows that the hip is continuing to break down from Perthes or there is no re-growth we need to move on to a different surgery option. We are running out of time to help Sam grow a new hip bone and Sam's mobility is at stake.

No matter what happens we are thrilled to see improvement in other areas due to his new diet and supplements but regrowing the hip is one of our main goals.

As I go to sleep tonight I am trying to shut off my brain, to concentrate on positive and good thoughts and I keep praying. And as I look at Sam drifting off to sleep without a care in the world...I again thank God. Good Night Everyone!!

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