Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 4, Pismo Beach and Day 5, Lazy By The Pool

Yep, I'm back and ready to finish the road trip adventure journal to California.  On day 4 we got up and hung out by the pool catching a few rays.  We then packed everyone up and decided to drive along scenic Route 1 along the coast of California to Pismo Beach.  My brother Dave always loved the Pismo Beach area because it wasn't as highly affected by tourism.  It is a laid back surfer kinda town. You just couldn't get enough of the beautiful scenery along the coast. Here are just a few pictures.

As winter approaches here in Wisconsin, this photograph is calling my name.

When we arrived at Pismo Beach we were surprised by the cool temperatures but that didn't keep us from enjoying our adventure.  We started our adventure I could buy a sweatshirt for myself.  Brooke, Danielle and I headed into a store as Dave and Sam walked over to the pier.  We actually lost the two of them for about an hour but it gave us ample time to check out all the local stores and pick up some souvenirs. 

Pismo Beach has a population of about 7,800 people and is located in Central California.  It is a beautiful oceanside town with a wonderful beach.

Cold weather did not keep Brooke and Danielle from enjoying their adventure.

Sam loved watching the ocean waves, listening to the crashing sound they made and cheering for the surfers that continued to entertain him.

As usual Sam inquired "What we eating?"  Soooo...we headed to a local pub to taste some local vittles.  Sam must have gotten his second wind because he was quite comical keeping all of us laughing.

After I took the picture above I was amazed at how he suddenly pulled his sister over to get a picture with her.  I wish I would have caught him when he wasn't moving but it was such a typical thing to do.  It's funny how those times can shock you...when he chooses to do something so typical and yet not very typical for him at all.

 After we got done eating Sam wanted to return to the pier and watch the surfers.  We weren't sure if we would be able to get him to leave.  With soda in hand he was in for the long haul.

 Sam made sure that Danielle got a blow by blow (more like sound by sound) report of the action.

Sam enjoyed watching a father teaching his young daughter how to surf...while Danielle and Brooke appeared to be scoping out the young men surfing.

Unfortunately Danielle chose Alfredo for her lunch which was delicious but her adverse reactions to dairy didn't sit too well for the rest of the day.  We headed back to the house and Danielle and Brooke ended their day by watching "The Ring".  They then decided to try to scare Uncle Dave with a hook they found in their closet.  First they scraped it on his door, then they opened the door and reached inside with it but he caught on quickly, playing along but knowing it was them.  Their next attempted scare was me...they wanted to get me back for the little soldiers in Utah that I had standing outside their door and scraping on it.  But I too knew it was them and informed them that the soldiers or worse would return.

On day 5 we spent the entire day lounging by the pool. Sam even chose to hang out with us at the pool as long as he had his Ipad, a snack and something to drink.  He would take turns lounging and then swimming.  Thankfully being out in the middle of nowhere we were able to allow Sam quick swimsuit changes at the side of the pool because when he's done swimming the wet suit has to come right away.  Asking him to walk up the steps every time he wanted to change out of his suit would have just been too difficult on his hip.

We were all entertained listening to Sam sing his favorite country western songs.

 But when he was in the pool...he was the pool bully.  Hogging the floaty, pushing you off the floaty if you managed to get it.  Splashing water on those who were sunbathing and generally being a bully.  Brooke and Danielle found it very humorous to watch me attempt to get in the cold pool, manage to get my butt on the floaty just to have Sam push me off moments later.

 He spent a lot of time underwater.

And he was happy to throw his pool toys at you when you least expected it.

 He sometimes demanded our presence in the pool.

But could be easily distracted with the toss of another toy into the water.

During one episode of Danielle acting as pool girl he almost pulled her in by her net. made me chuckle.

But we had a very entertaining and yet relaxing day. After reminding the girls to reapply sunscreen continously which they often ignored they both spent the evening applying aloe to their sunburns. Dave scavenged the refrigerator and created amazing steak taco creations.  Sam and I retired early because we had to be up the next morning at 5:30 for the 5 hour drive to Yosemite.  Danielle and Brooke attempted to figure out the DVD player but quickly gave up and decided to head to bed too.  Stay tuned for amazing pictures of Yosemite!!!

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