Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sam Moments

On my Facebook page I have often posted Sam moments (a brief glimpse into what life with Sam is like).  I thought I would share this here too.  ENJOY!!

Sept. 15, 2009:  Okay funny story for the day. After a kinda unproductive homeschool day I thought we would finish off with math, just to really end my day on a great note. You see, Sam has a love/hate relationship with numbers and math, okay let’s just say there is no relationship. I brought out his dot cards but realized I must have missed a few when I grabbed them, so I left the room and when I returned two of the cards were ripped in pieces. I asked Sam, “What happened?”….are you ready…are you sure??? He looked at Buddy (our wonderful golden doodle) and said, “Naughty dog”. The nerve of this child but I did have to laugh. Our dog does tends to pull things out of the garbage that contained food when we are away and leaves a shredded mess on the floor, which of course causes me to say, “Buddy, naughty dog” and Sam helps me clean it up. But what do you think the chances are that Buddy would not shred but rip in pieces two cards??? Ooohhh, that boy!!

April 15, 2011:  Sooo, I take a shower and Sam wakes up and decides chocolate ice cream is the perfect breakfast. Ya gotta love this kid!

May 24, 2011:  Okay, is it just me or do others find it strange and yet humorous that when Sam reads the word "Who" he instead says owl???

July 11, 2011:  A Sam Moment: 
Mom: "Sam, 2+2= "
Sam: "4"
Mom: "Sam, 5+5= "
Sam hesitates, so I hold up my hands "Sam, 5+5= "
Sam: "Both hands!"

July 11, 2011:  Another Sam Moment:
Mom: "Sam, where is your hat?" As I frantically look for the hat with the hearing aid.
Sam: "What??"
Mom: "Where is your hat?"
Sam: "What??"
Sam: "Not here" as he points to his head.
Mom: "Really, I would have never guessed."
Sam: "Bless you, Mommy." Yep, that's my boy!

July 21, 2011:  More Sam moments:
Sam: "Mom, Netflix??"
Mom: "No Sam, first we read our book"
Sam: "NO book"
Mom: "No Netflix"
Sam: "Okay, ready"
I open the book to the first page and Sam isn't really wanting to read.
He looks at me and smiles and then comes out with this line.
"Mom, you bootiful"
Mom: "Thank you, nice try...but we are still reading the book"
Sam: Long sigh, "Okay ready".
What a character???

September 1, 2011:  I am happy to say that Mayer Academy with enrollment of 1 student had a great day today! Both teacher and student had fun and learned at the same time. Sam's memorable moments for today: One occurred while we were doing math with the talking calculator and he kept telling it to be quiet. Then we took a walk with Buddy and talked about everything we saw which included a deer, turkey, and hawk. When we got back I asked him what did we see on our walk? His answer: "Buddy pooped". He's such a boy!!

December 1, 2011:  Sam moment...every year at this time Pamper's runs their "Peace on Earth" commercial with the sleeping babies and every year Sam will stop whatever he is doing or saying, including getting up from the table and leaving a meal to watch and sing to this commercial. One of my many Christmas blessings!!

January 11, 2012:  A melt your heart moment: Sam wakes up early and Ben comes down the stairs to get ready to go to school. Sam: "Hi Brother Ben", Ben: "Hi Brother Sam", Sam: "What you doing?" Ben: "I'm getting ready for school Sam". Sam: "Ben, wait...wait Ben". Sam walks into the living room with a smile from ear to ear. Sam: "Hi Brother Ben". Ben: "Hi Brother Sam". Ben: "I have to go Sam". Sam: "Bye Ben, See Ya". Ben in his 16 year old soft compassionate voice that he only saves for Sam: "Bye, Sam. I love you buddy! Have a good day". Sam: "I love you" "Bye, see ya, later" "Good day, Ben!" And a good day had indeed begun!!!

January 30, 2012:  This morning Sam came into my room and said "Good Morning, Mommy". I said "Good Morning, Sam". Sam noticed I had my hand over my eyes so he said "What wong Mommy?". I told him I had a migraine. Sam looked at me confused, looked outside and then said "Mom, no rain...snow. It winter" Only Sam could make me laugh when my head hurt so bad. Love you Sammy!!!

March 2, 2012:  Felt bad for Sam that he couldn't go out and enjoy the snow because his hip has been so bad this week. So Buddy and I went out and I had Jeff bring Sam to the window to see the snowman, snow rabbit and snow teddy bear I made for him on the deck (before their arms started to fall off) and then we had a one sided snow ball fight at the window. He laughed the hardest when I began to throw snowballs at Buddy and Buddy flipped snow right back at me. Jeff opened the deck door and made a snowball for Sam that he could throw at me. There is always a way to be included.

April 29, 2012:  Sam moment: Last night in church Sam walked in with his walker and chose to sit in one of the chairs with arms. I thought good choice. He moved his walker in from the aisle and patted it. I was sitting next to him and leaned my elbow on one of the arms he immediately pushed me out of the way, a little territorial I thought and I looked at him and smiled. He began to copy my actions, if I crossed my arms he crossed his arms, if I folded my hands he folded his hands, if I sang he sang...this continued to my amusement. When we went up to communion he blessed himself and said "In name of Father, Son and Howey Ghost, Amen". At one point during the service, I'm not sure if an angel was telling him jokes but he had a little giggle outburst which I then tapped him on the shoulder and told him to be quiet and listen. He then looked at pastor and then looked at me and rolled his eyes. I mean really, teenagerish rolled his eyes. He's the best!

April 30, 2012:  Sam chuckle: Always working with Sam on self care skills. Our new skill was the art of putting on deodorant. First you had to have the right kind, same as Brother Ben which means it has to be Axe otherwise no go. Soooo...then I thought I would demonstrate once and talk him through the second application. After shower so no hearing aid yet. I told him to apply the deodorant to his armpit...possibly a translation error. Sam is now wearing deodorant under his arm from his elbow to his waist. I think he's covered!!

May 4, 2012:  Sam moment: Today as we drove into town we passed the Power Company and I told Sam "Power Company". As usual he repeated the last word "Company". I repeated myself and he said "Power Company" but what happened next really amazed me. He said "legtricity" and I said "electricity?". He said "Yeah, turn lights on". Just when you think all that homeschooling might not be getting through he gives me a little spark!!

June 6, 2012:  Well, Sam must have heard that it is summer vacation because today at speech he told his therapist that he had to go to the bathroom. But when I brought his wheelchair in he climbed in and said "Bye Sue, Mom go car, now". Then when we got home and it was time to do his math on the Ipad he said "I do it Mom" and as I walked into the next room I could hear the theme from Temple Run begin to play. But my all time favorite antic of the day was when he gladly took his chewable vitamin, placed it in his mouth and then proceeded to spit it out and give it to Buddy because he thought I wasn't looking. Well, it appears Sam is following nicely in his brothers footsteps and Buddy has received his complete daily nutritional allowance. Ahhh, a day in the life of raising a child that is viewed as cognitively challenged...I think NOT!!!

July 25, 2012:  Sam tells me he loves me randomly throughout the day...appropriate behavior for a 11 year old...yeah, I think so!!!

August 9, 2012:  Samisms: I love when Sam refers to his sister as "my Danielle" or his brother as "Brother Ben". Tonight he told me "Love you Mom, my heart" which in Sam's world means "I love you Mom with all my heart". I told him "I love you to the moon and back". Sam's response, "No Mom, I right here". Oh man, I love that kid!!

August 27, 2012:  Sam Moment: Tonight at dinner Sam said the dinner prayer and then did the exclusive to Sam yell "Everybody eating". As we are eating Sam must have decided that Uncle Dave should be joining us again for dinner so he says, "Brother Ben, Sam call Uncle Dave". Ben gives Sam his phone while Jeff who is sitting right next to Sam decides to use his phone to call Sam. Ben had the phone on vibrate which caused Sam to drop it on the table (ahhh love those sensory issues). Ben pressed the talk button and this was the conversation:

Sam: Hellllloooo...Uncle Dave.
Jeff: Hi Sam!
Sam: Dave, Sam eating.
Jeff: What are you eating?
Sam: Supper
Jeff: What's for supper?
Sam: Supper
(at this point Ben is in tears laughing over the fact that Sam doesn't realize he is talking to Jeff who is sitting right next to him)
Sam: Uncle Dave, what you doing?
Jeff: Talking on the phone.
Sam: Me too and Daddy. Bye Uncle Dave!
He hands the phone back to Ben and begins to laugh with all of us that deep belly laugh that no one can resist. I never forget to laugh or smile with Sam around!!

September 10, 2012:  Sam moment: For a little boy that struggles with speech, Sam made his point and again touched my heart.
First, Ben and Danielle get up for school and begin to argue. I have to step in when Ben's language goes south. Sam sleeping in his room wakes us when he hears the back door slam. A little sleepy he says, "Ben stop! No yell! Good Mornin, be good. Sam sleep." And with that he laid back down and went to sleep. Not sure if he was really awake during that but as I watched him drift off to sleep his stern look returned to a smile.

As I got dressed after my shower I heard Sam yell "Good Mornin Mommy". With my hair messed up and wet I came over to accept the hug Sam was offering from his bed and I wished him a "Good Mornin". He smiled and looked outside and said "Mommy, bootiful day". I smiled and told him every day was beautiful with him. He asked for another hug and said "Love you Mommy, my heart" which I know means "I love you Mommy with all my heart". I told him "I love you too Sam, with all my heart". Sam looked up and smiled at me and said "Mommy bootiful". I smiled and chuckled and said "Thank you, Sam"...only this little boy would tell me I'm beautiful with my wet hair going in every direction, no make up and still looking half asleep. Sam looked serious again and he said "No Mommy" "Mommy bootiful" and he tapped his hand to his chest. My eyes filled with tears as I understood he was paying me the ultimate compliment...telling me that I was beautiful on the inside. Love this little boy so, so much!!

October 14, 2012:  Sam moment: 
Sam: "Mom, go to Home Depot"
Mom: "What do you need from Home Depot?"
Sam: "Soda"
Mom: "Soda is not good for your tummy"
Sam: "Okay, go with Daddy"
Yep, he's working the parents. Cognitively delayed...I think not.

November 5, 2012:  It melts my heart to watch my 6'2" son get on his knees to hug his brother and tell him "Love you Sammy, I hope you had a great day!"

November 13, 2012:  Sam Moment: Soooo...yesterday was chili making day and as most of you know I use most of my day with Sam as teaching moments. Some days are better than others and yesterday was somewhere in between. When I started the chili I wheeled Sam around the kitchen, following functional directions by locating items in the pantry and refrigerator and putting them on the table. He was reluctant to comply at first but we worked through it. Then I gave him the recipe printed in a larger font and asked him to read me the directions.

It went something like this.
Mom: "Okay Sam, what's first"
Sam reading: "Put ground beef in pan and brown"
Mom: "Okay, I've got my pan and here's the ground beef. I use the knife to open and put it into the pan." "Hmmmm, I need to stir it..."
Sam: "Mom, use spoon"
Mom: "Thanks Sam, what would I do without you?"

I begin to break apart the meat and stir. Sam quickly gets bored.

Sam: "Mom watch Netflix?"
Mom: "No Sam, we are making chili together"
Sam: "Sam all done"
Mom: "Sam, we are just starting"
Sam: "Mom watch Netflix please, Mommy Dear?"
Mom: "Beautiful talking Sam but no we need to make chili" "Read the next step Sam"
Sam: "Cut yunion" (deciphered by mom as onion)
Mom: "Okay, here's our onion and I need to cut it with...." (intentional delays and forgetfulness are part of my everyday so Sam can pull out the right speech, engage in the activity and feel the accomplishment of helping me stay on task)
Sam: "Mom, use knife"
Mom: "Thank you Sam, you are so helpful"
Sam: "Mom, all Netflix?"

I quickly realized that I lost Sam's interest after the instruction was read and tried to pull him into the steps further. Giving Sam a plastic knife and a piece of onion I told him to help me cut the onion. This was met with much resistance since the onion smells and is kinda slippery. A little hand over hand got him started but he quickly went from skilled cutting to a chopping action. (Not much different than what Ben would choose to do). We put our onion into the pot and I asked him to read the next direction.

Sam: "Chop green pepper"
Mom: "We have this pepper instead, it's....."
Sam: "Um,'s red"
Mom: "Yeah, that will work" "Hmmm...I need to cut it"
Sam: "Mom knife...focus"
Mom: As I chuckle "Sorry Sam, sometimes I forget" I finish with the pepper.
Mom: "Sam, read the next direction"
Sam grins from ear to ear and in his best reading voice says:

November 20, 2012:  Just because life is not exciting enough...Children's Hospital calls to let me know that they have been able to move Sam's dental appointment up to today. Sam and dentist has not always been the best combination...and today he decided to pull a baby tooth. Letting me know wasn't the's that awkward moment when I go in to see Sam and he gives me his angry look and says "MOM...OOWWW???" and points to his mouth and I realize that this little man is none to happy with me that I didn't warn him. Soooo...that pretty much sets up the next Sam moment:

Sam: Mom, owww...go to McDonalds
Mom: Sam, McDonalds isn't good for you
Sam: Mom, OOWWW...go to Taco Bell.
Mom: Sam, Taco Bell isn't good for you either.
The next line floored me.
Sam: Mom, you say no ooowww. I OOOWWW. Tooth mouth out, OOWWW...Sam go movie.
A promise of Netflix, full access to the remote control and some green tea has indeed calmed the little man down.

December 5, 2012:  Love my everyday moments with Sam. Blessed this morning as I watched Sam look at the Christmas tree and say "Mom, Christmas Tree bootiful!" Then he proceeded to call Buddy over to "Take a look".

December 31, 2012:  Eating gingerbread cookies, snuggling with Sam who wouldn't go to sleep and loving his giggles and big smiles. I have been telling Sam that Daddy and I will be taking him to Baltimore to have Dr. Standard make his hip feel better. He always listens intently but doesn't often respond until tonight. He looked at me and said "Mommy, hip hurt". I said "I know your hip hurts but we are going to try to make it better." Sam touched his hip and said "Go to hospital". I told him we would be going soon and I would be with him the whole time. Sam said "Mom, Sam okay...Mom okay?" I told him that he and I would be just fine and we will do this together. He said "Okay Mommy, Sam sleep, stay here". I stroked his hair and watched him slowly close his eyes and open them...checking that I was still there...until they stayed closed and I heard his breathing relax. God answered another prayer...letting me know that Sam was ready!! Good night everyone!!

January 23, 2013:  Sam just folded his hands and asked to pray. Gotta love this kid!! He prayed to go home and I prayed that he regain his strength, his hip heals miracleously and we go home!

February 1, 2013:  Totally Sam moment to start off your morning...
I walk into the living room where Sam is comfortably sitting in the cushy recliner watching Netflix.
Sam: "Ummm....Mommy?"
Mom: "Yes, Sam"
Sam: "Ummm...Mommy...hungry"
Mom: "What would you like Sam?"
Sam: "I want ice cream", "I want steak" "I want chips"
He then points to the kitchen and says "Go, Mommy Dear...go" He then finishes our interaction with a huge smile and chuckle.

Hmmmm....I think someone is feeling better!!!

June 29, 2013:  Sam moment: I was feeling a little sad tonight so Sam decided to play accident victim to cheer me up. Yeah the child recovering from his 3rd hip surgery manages to get out of his recliner and proceeds to lay spread eagle on the floor in the living room and then begins to groan pathetically. Now Type A mom first has to come running in and have a minor heart attack thinking "OMG, please tell me you didn't fall" but then as I listened and saw the smirk on his face I knew what he was up to. I ran to the phone and said "Don't worry Sam I'll call 911" which made him laugh as he began to make his ambulance noise. I said "Oh no, they aren't answering, what should we do". Sam's answer "Call for pizza". How can you be sad with this guy around???

July 11, 2013:  Sam Moment: This morning while Sam was still asleep I headed outside to water my Earth Box garden and flowers. I came walking in to find Sam with his brace off, fully dressed and using his walker to come into the living room to help me fold laundry. My heart and face smiled thinking how unusual it was to see Sam up and walking and yet what a wonderful miracle!

July 31, 2013:  Sam moment: this amazing, strong, unshakeable little guy walked with his walker into and out of the YMCA to go swimming. For most people that would be a non event but for Sam, rehabbing from his 3rd hip surgery...IT WAS AMAZING!!!

August 5, 2013:  Classic Sam Moment: we are at Children's Hospital to get Sam fitted for yet another torture no scratch that....orthopedic brace and as we are heading to the elevators I notice a group of college age girls, smiling and laughing about something or someone who is in the ENT office. We get into our elevator and just as the door is closing, the equivalent of a long dark haired Fabio walks into the elevator with his hair flowing, silk shirt, tight jeans and cowboy boots. As he steps in I hear one of the girls yell "Heeeyyy" and another one whistles which causes the greek god to stop and wave, then turn and smile as he walks into the elevator. Just in time for Sam to turn to him and say "HI LADY!" 

Ouch...that kinda took him out at the knees. I told Sam that he had long hair but he's a which...he said "Thank You" and I said "Yep, no problem". Yep, just another day in the life with Sam.

August 15, 2013:  Sam moment: On our way to the doctor today, Sam began to negotiate the terms of his appointment.
Sam: "Uh Mama"
Mom: "Yes Sam"
Sam: "Uh Mama, where you going?"
Mom: "To see Dr. Steinert"
Sam: "Dr. Steinert, yes" 
At this point Sam begins to think out loud:
Sam: "Hmmm...Dr. Steinert...Sam boy...go McDonalds...YES"
Sam: "Um Mama"
Mom: "Yes Sam"
Sam: "Sam good, go McDonalds...please" (said in the sweetest voice possible)
Mom: "Sam, McDonalds isn't good for you"
Sam: "Pizza?"
Mom: "No, you don't need pizza, how about a salad?"
Sam: "Salad no...chicken, french fries please?"
Mom: "I think we should eat at home"
Sam: "No home...Sam hungry, go eat"
Mom: "Sam, you are always hungry"
Sam: At this point he gets distracted by a Fed Ex truck (kinda like there goes a chicken) and the conversation switches...or so I thought.
Sam: "Mom Fed Ex truck"
Mom: "Yep, he's bringing someone a package"
Sam: "Yep, Sam...package french fries"
Ahhhh...the joy of Sam and his never ending quest for food!

August 16, 2013:  Sam moment:
I always wondered if it bothered Sam when he said "Hello" to people and they did not respond.

So today as we were at Children's Hospital for yet another blood draw Sam as usual greeted everyone we passed. Good day, all of them smiled and returned a "hello". Then we got into the lab area and a woman was in the waiting area. Sam said "Hello" and she turned away and acted as if she didn't hear him. Sam said "Hello Lady" and the woman began to look in her purse but did not respond. Sam got called in and after a few yells and a few "I'm sorry" he made it through the blood draw thanked the technician and told her "have a good day" and we headed out.

The lady was still in the waiting room. Sam raised his voice and said "Hey Lady" and then crossed his arms which is sign language for "hug".

Just another amazing moment with a little man that continues to teach me more than I could ever teach him.

August 19, 2013: Sam Moment: Obviously someone has been spending a lot of time with their sister this summer because that is the only way I can explain the following interaction:
Mom: Did you have fun with Isabella today?
Sam: Yes, Bella home.
Mom: And Uncle Randy took you to the pool.
Sam: Yes, swimming fun.
Mom: On Wednesday we need to pick up your library books and finish setting up the room so you and I can have fun and learn together.
Which when I turned to look at Sam I caught the hand movement and heard:
Sam: "Blah, blah, blah"
Part of me was impressed by the beautiful "bl" blend I heard, another part of me was impressed with the proper use of the expression and part of me wanted to ring his little neck for being sassy.
Thanks Danielle Mayer!!

September 4, 2013:  Sam moment: never know when the need to pray is going to strike demonstrated by Sam during the middle of his shower this morning. As I was washing his hair, he suddenly put his hands together and said "Mom, pray". I said "Oh, okay" and assumed the position with my shampoo filled hands. Sam's prayer: "God, Sam no school today...Amen".

Only Sam would ask for divine assistance to get out of his home program. Good thing we covered "Prayer 101" in our "Yes, it's on" school program today...and no I did not get struck by lightening. Ahhhh...another Mayer boy that just LOVES school.

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  1. Lots of nice memories Sue. I hope they help you through things. Jeanne