Friday, November 1, 2013

Whew...One Day At A Time!

Yes, I've been missing from the blog world.  Many have contacted me wondering...what's Sam???  Sam is doing well.  He is walking with and without the walker throughout the house.  I encourage the walker because without it his limp is severe and his gait looks pretty bad.  With the walker his left hip is still contracted and he tends to walk on his tip toe on that side but his gait is smoother and more steady.

Sam will be fitted for a rear facing walker in an effort to improve his gait and a scooter to allow more independence when he  is outside the house. Sam's hip is probably about as good as it will get at this point. He has fairly good range of motion with the exception of hip extension. This has bought us some much needed time to work on his chores, independence, academics and to enjoy our time together.

Sam has continued under the care of Dr. Vu to treat his sensitivities and assist with nutritional supplementation.  Through Dr. Vu's help we have corrected Sam sensitivity to RNA, Vitamin D and have improved the function of his pituitary and thyroid.  I will try to do a longer post on NAET and nutritional muscle testing and how it positively affected Sam and our family in another post.

Dr. Vu is also helping with my adrenal and energy issues and Danielle's mono. He is no longer with Strong Chiropractic but is working out of the Appleton Spine Institute until his office in Neenah is completed. As we enter the month of November I am thankful for all that Dr. Vu has helped us with.

It seems, at least in my life's journey that when I get one area stable God decides to challenge me in another.  Today I had to let my 84 year old Dad know that he has Stage 4 lung cancer and bladder cancer.  My Mom passed away in February of this year and I miss her each and every day.  I promised her that I would take care of my Dad as long as he was here on earth with me and I intend to do just that.  My heart hurt again as the doctor told me that my Dad had a 6x8 cm mass on his lung, the adenoids surrounding the mass are enlarged as are the adenoids in his chest and around his stomach and there is another tumor on the adrenal gland along with two areas on the lower spine.  All of this along with the thickening in the bladder which is probably another type of cancer.

I took another deep breath, had a good cry, put my worries and concerns in God's hands and called my Dad and siblings.  Tomorrow we will meet with his doctor at his house to discuss everything further and determine what happens now. I know in my heart that my Dad misses my Mom so much that his broken heart is leading this journey...but I don't think you are ever ready to say "Good bye" to someone you love so much.  This is my Daddy, my Dad, my Father the man who along with my Mom shaped me into the person I am today.

I know and do not take for granted that I was raised by amazing parents.  The love they had for one another and how they nurtured and raised each of us is a testament to both of them. My heart hurts and I am sad but I know that my Mom and Dad were never meant to be apart.  They did everything together and they loved each other through good times and bad, in sickness and health and it appears death will not keep them apart for long either.  As I told my Dad the news he said to me again "Kinda hard to believe this is all going on because I feel fine."  And for that I am thankful and know that it is only by the grace of God that he continues to feel well. I pray that he continues to feel well for as long as he is here with us and when it is his time to leave this earth he does so quickly and without suffering.

Today, hug your family, call your Mom or Dad...tell them you love them...cherish your time together.  Our time here on earth is short.  Please pray for my Dad's continued wellness and keep our family in your prayers as we get through this, the only way I know day at a time.


  1. Sue, I am so very, very sorry to hear about your father's diagnosis. You and your family will be in my prayers as you prayerfully seek the next steps.

    Thank you for posting about Dr. Vu too. He may just be an answer to prayer for us. My 15 yo daughter has chronic Lyme disease and her food allergies and sensitivities have gone from zero to sky high. We've been using a homeopathic approach to treat her Lyme and other symptoms, so it would be very helpful to have someone with a lot more medical knowledge manage her care and supplements, watch her liver enzymes, etc. Hopefully he can help her. I'll be calling right away Monday AM to see if there is a possibility of getting her in this next week before we leave for Ukraine on the 11th. Thanks again. I'm also curious if Sam is still seeing Dr. Schwartz. I've thought about bringing my boys down there, but time/expense/adoption/Lyme has held me back. If you want to email me only if you have time, I'd appreciate your thoughts. I wonder if Dr. Vu would be able to treat the boys and our new daughter as well. I can hopefully ask him that myself next week.

    Praying for you. You've had such an unbelievably tough year. I'm so sorry. :(

    1. Hi Jill, thank you for your thoughts and prayers...I really need them now. Were you able to see Dr. Vu? I now only use Dr. Vu to determine Sam's supplement needs and how to boost his thyroid. I hope your trip went well and you will be back home safe and sound soon. Email me if you have any questions or just need to talk.

  2. You do have remarkable parents.