Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Building of a Dream

Last year on this date was the first day of our build for Possibility Playground Last night I had trouble sleeping, it was as if I was replaying the excitement, stress, and worry of preparing myself for one of the most remarkable experiences of my life all over again.

Possibility Playground is about the size of a football field and it is a unique playground built for every child of every ability. In a year and a half our amazing steering committee raised over $450,000.00, recruited 2700 community volunteers, coordinated donations of food and beverages to help feed those volunteers, located and coordinated spectacular child care for the volunteer's children, got fabulous PR and coverage, gathered a trailer load of tools and hardware and watched as all of this came together to produce a one of a kind playground in just six days. There really is only one word to describe it...remarkable.

We went from this...

To this....

in just 6 days.

This playground was a labor of love, a pulling together of a small community, an amazing feat that touched everyone that participated. The stories from the build are as exciting as the ones we now hear from families that have been able to take their special needs children to a playground for the very first time.

This weekend we celebrate the playground's 1 year birthday. This was a once in a lifetime project for me, but it is one that I shared with 2700 people, a steering committee of dedicated, hard working, passionate people that went above and beyond, my family and friends, my church, my community...and I did all this for one little boy that on a daily basis shows me unconditional love, never gives up on me, pushes me to think outside the box and has taught me to never say never. I love you, Sammy!!! Let's go play!


  1. this looks like a great park! love your new blog make over!

  2. I love this! What a awesome project to do not only for your son but for the many of children around you!!!