Tuesday, September 15, 2009

That's My Story and I'm Sticking To It!!!

Today's post is about a day in the life of a homeschooler. Sam slept in this morning after staying up way too late last night terrorizing his older brother which I permitted because I myself would have liked to terrorize that particular child.

Sam woke up happy enough, but began the "NO" tirade about the time I asked him to go get his clothes and get dressed. I offered him "time out" or "getting dressed", he chose getting dressed but not before beating up his poor socks and underwear. Oh, I knew I was in for a day. I thought "Hmmm, lets wake him up with some physical exercise, so we did the deep pressure on his legs and then marched around the room...or I might be more accurate if I say, I marched around the room. He proceeded to look at me like I was some type of alien from another planet.

Okay, so we went for a little breakfast with a few auditory sequences thrown in for good measure, however either Sam's hearing aid was faulty or more likely he had chosen to turn off the auditory channel. Yes, this was going to be quite a day. I thought I would help Sam turn that auditory channel back on with some functional directions which he just decided to repeat the last two words I said with little to no following of the direction. I jumped enthusiastically into reading on the magnifier his Level 3, Boxcar Kids book which after another threat of "time out" we were able to complete, however the comprehension piece...not quite there.

We completed a few more program elements and academic tasks before we headed out to take a walk. Sam didn't seem to want to interact much so I began to question if he was feeling okay. The outdoors is usually a great place to get him refocused.

We came back in to attempt some math. Now you have to understand that Sam has a love/hate relationship with numbers and math, okay let’s just say there is... no relationship. I brought out his dot cards but realized I must have missed a few when I grabbed them, so I left the room and when I returned two of the cards were ripped in pieces. I asked Sam, “What happened?”….are you ready…are you sure??? He looked at Buddy (our wonderful golden doodle) and said, “Naughty dog”. The nerve of this child but I did have to laugh. Our dog does tends to pull things out of the garbage that contained food when we are away and leaves a shredded mess on the floor, which of course causes me to say, “Buddy, naughty dog” and Sam helps me clean it up. But what do you think the chances are that Buddy would not shred but rip in pieces two cards??? Ooohhh, that boy!!

But tomorrow is another day and we will get up and try it all over again!!!!


  1. And I think I am tired. I think you deserve a dinner out, like Thursday....

  2. Dinner out?? Try breakfast, lunch AND dinner!! Welcome to blog land! I have added you to my daughter's blog and will do so with the T21 Traveling Afghan Project blog as well! Your kids are adorable!!