Thursday, July 29, 2010

Making Memories!!!

We are off on another great adventure. This year's road trip is taking us to the beautiful countryside of Vermont and Maine. My travelling posse consists of my niece Brooke, daughter Danielle and of course, Sam the Man. I am going to let the pictures do the talking in this post. This place is beyond words and it will take me a while to put together my thoughts, our stories, the adventures and oh so many memories.

Our theme this year was small but with a lot of character. This cabin is amazing!!

How often do you get to watch a steady stream of hummingbirds? See a stream, waterfall and the deep woods all from your deck?

The van is parked below our cabin and you can see the beauty of nature all around!

The bridge leads to our fire pit tucked away in the woods. It's perfect!!!

Sam loves to sit on the bridge and watch the stream rush by.

There are a lot of peaceful little areas like this all over the property.

Including these great little rock gardens!

You have to appreciate nature in this setting, it just surrounds you.

The girls loved playing in the 20 foot waterfall that is located right off the deck. Serenity!!


Here are some of my favorite pictures of Sam playing in the stream which runs right next to the cabin.

There are benches all over this property to allow you to rest and just be amazed at the beautiful surroundings.

We eat most of our meals out on the deck that wraps around 3 sides of the cabin. Here Sam and I were having a breakfast while listening to the waterfall. Peaceful!!!

We all headed out on the hike to Eagle Rock. On this day only Brooke and Danielle made it. Sam went as far as he could safely go. He did awesome!!

A couple of days later, Danielle and I made it to the top of the mountain. I just had to see it after they told me all about it. It was worth the workout and it was a workout. This 46 year old body isn't used to climbing mountains but I'm so happy I did!

The view from Eagle Rock is breathtaking. You can see the Green Mountain Range, our lake and everything in the area. Exhilarating!

I will end this post with a shot of Brooke and Danielle singing and dancing in the down pour we had last night. Life is good and we are truly blessed to be on this adventure!!!

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