Thursday, December 16, 2010

Counting My Blessings!

Yesterday I had an opportunity to sit back and reflect while my little warrior happily watched a movie from Netflix.

We are over one week through the process and life each day becomes a little easier. I wanted to take a moment and thank some of the people that got us to this point. To these people it may just be their job but the time and attention they gave to Sam made me feel they understood how precious this little boy is to Jeff and I. I told them as he went into surgery, "Please, please take good care of him, he means the world to us!" and they did!!

I will start with Sam's surgeon, Dr. John Thometz, MD. Thank you for helping me understand the diagnosis of hip dysplasia and Perthes and coming up with a treatment plan for Sam. We hope and pray that Sam's activity level will come back and maybe even increase without the hip issues. Thank you for choosing a brace instead of a cast for Sam, neither is an easy option but the brace allows us to keep his skin healthier and is easier to work with. It's funny as we were driving to the hospital nervous and anxious I prayed that you were getting ready and driving in well rested, healthy, happy and at the top of your game.

Thank you to Sam's anesthesiologist, Dr. Richard J. Berens, MD who was able to make me laugh minutes before Sam's surgery when my heart and resolve threatened to break in half. Thank you for listening to us, for ensuring Sam's respiratory system was safe and that he came out of anesthesia well. You were a blessing!

Thank you to Sam's critical care pulmonologist, Dr. Daiva Parakininkas, MD who worked with us before, during and after to make sure that Sam's upper respiratory system was understood and safe. Thank you for your advice, consults and care! We are so happy to have you as Sam's pulmonologist.

Thank you to Sam's pediatrician, Dr. Dirk Steinert, MD. who has never failed to amaze me with his concern and devotion to Sam. Thank you for allowing me email correspondence, your cell phone number in case of emergency and agreeing to come see Sam if he becomes ill. You are truly one in a million and Sam and I appreciate how you have touched our lives. I hope the student doctors that work with you pay special attention to the relationships you have developed with your patients and their families. You are remarkable.

Thank you to the many nurses and assistants that helped to take care of Sam during and after surgery. From the operating room to the ICU and to 10 West, each of you helped make a very difficult situation easier. We had excellent nursing care with attention to both Sam and I, they were not just doing a job they were taking care of us.

I don't have the nurses names from the ICU, sorry kinda a hectic day for me. But I would like to personally thank Annette Husske, Veronica Weber RN, Laurie Minkley, Jodi Novak RN, Richard Haasch RN (and Joe too), Kristy Garven, Sandra Jardarski RN and Heather Bailing RN. Sam and I appreciated your devotion and care.

Ooops, forgot a very important someone. I would like to thank Caz from Hanger Orthotics for fitting Sam with his brace, tweaking it and checking up on him. We will see you on Friday. Just to let you know how above and beyond Caz will go, he is meeting us in the ambulance outside the hospital to check on Sam's brace and make any adjustments needed. You rock Caz!!!

I have to add a special thank you to another team of people that helped us with the coordination of care, medical equipment needed and helped us to get home. Thank you Julie Desorcy, RN who went above and beyond in helping me get everything needed for Sam's home care and was the go between of the doctors and staff to make things happen during our stay at the hospital. You wear your heart on your sleeve and we could tell Sam was important to you. Thank you!!!

Thank you to Robyn Treder, RN who had to jump through hoops to help coordinate all our equipment needs. Your patience and coordination skills amaze me. You were a blessing to us. Thank you to Kathy Fogl of the Aurora Visiting Nurse Association for all your help coordinating and training me on the home equipment and helping me locate other items to make Sam's care easier.

This took an amazing team of people and I could not have asked for a better team.

Now that we are home, I want to thank our visiting nurses, the follow up from Children's Hospital, MY MOM (I love you and you are a life saver), Sam's family that have checked in by personal visit, phone calls and email, Grandma & Grandpa Mayer who have provided a freezer, food, meals and friends who have offered help and meals. Thank you to Debbie Jackson, Julie Mayer, Katie Unti, Dave Boldt, Randy & Linda Buser, Jamie Rismeyer and everyone who has offered and helped with Sam's care. Thank you to Susan Carneol for her gift to Sam and Rep. Assoc. for bringing some poinsettia joy into Sam's room. Thank you to everyone sending cards and letters to Sam, he has just started to read some of them and we will be starting our Google Earth study next week. Thank to everyone who has emailed, commented on the blog or contacted us.



  1. He looks like he's feeling much better, hooray!

  2. I'm happy that Sam is now much better. Family is everything. You are indeed blessed. Wishing you a blessed Christmas. May love, joy and laughter always fill your home. Keep warm!

  3. Sue, I'm trying to play catch-up on my blog-reading so I'm just now reading your posts from last week. So glad that Sam seems to be recovering well. Continuing to pray for him... and YOU!

    BTW... Micah had Berens for his OHS and he was the best! I think the anesthesiologists have the toughest jobs and they definitely put in the hours (longer than the surgeons). He checked in on Micah every day he was in critical care (Micah had to be put back on bypass twice during his OHS and he almost didn't make it out of the OR... LONG day for Berens).