Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sam is in surgery!

All your prayers are working. Sam woke up happy and didn't even object to getting in the car with his pajamas on. That is usually an issue because he knows he's headed to the hospital.

He fought a bit with me to take his Verced but we got it all in him and this time it did as it was supposed to instead of making him hyper he happily became loopy and drifted off to sleep.

They decided to do all his labwork in the OR and we were thrilled to get the anesthesiologist we requested.

We also had the added benefit of hearing that they thought Sam's surgery would take 2 to 3 hours instead of the 6-8 we were originally told, which may have included casting versus the brace. Yesterday I was told that Sam was being considered as an outpatient surgery, a 23 hour procedure. I'm not holding my breath on that but it sounded good. They would really like to move him out of the hospital ASAP to reduce his risk of illness.

I made it through the dreaded good-bye which was easier since he was sound asleep but I still managed to cry my eyes out. His Bummer Bear went with him into surgery (I figured it was a good reminder that his surgery was on the left side since the bear already has stitches there). Everyone can use a visual!!

Sam went back to the OR at 8:00 a.m. Now we sit and wait...I will try to post later.


  1. Good luck today Sammy!! I love you little guy! Sue keep your head up and keep us posted when you can! Sorry I couldn't be there. Stuck at work like usual. :(

  2. I am praying for Sam his surgeon, anesthesiologist and the OR annd Post op crew. Love to hear all the positives thus far. My fingers are crossed!

    Sherry Perez ---Nate's mom!

  3. The nice thing about reading a blog backwards is that you already know it turns out well.