Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All Good News!

Sam came out of surgery at 11:10 a.m. We were thrilled to hear that they were comfortable enough to remove his breathing tube and he was admitted to the ICU for pulmonary observation. He looks great. I am only used to being in the hospital when Sam is sick so to see him in the ICU with such great color and wonderful stats feels strange...but I like it.

I will try to post some pictures later. He is still in and out of consciousness but he came out of anesthesia well. He opens his eyes and occasionally says "Ow" but otherwise he is pretty quiet. They just reduced his oxygen and if he is able to maintain his oxygen stats they will remove it within the hour. YEAH, one step closer to being able to leave....and actually they said if he is stable enough he could possibly go home as early as tomorrow. Say what????? Those prayers are working overtime! Before that can happen he would have to have his foley removed, show that he is able to comfortably handle those bodily functions and adjust to his new brace. He will also have to demonstrate that he is comfortable with oral pain medications since he is currently receiving that through IV and a morphine pump. I'm not getting my hopes up about tomorrow but a shorter stay is really, really appealing to me.

He is such a fighter, this little guy has gone through so much in his 10 years. I will be thrilled when I see him coherent and a smile would be an answer to my prayers. We are not able to have our cell phones on so I can not make or receive calls unless I leave the ICU. Thank you everyone for your prayers. Let's keep them going so Sam and I can get home before the big snow fall hits this weekend. I would be thrilled to be watching those big puffy snowflakes coming down from the comfort of my own home with my little warrior next to me.


  1. SO glad things have gone well so far!

  2. Atta boy Sammy! Great news----sending prayers and love,

  3. Relax and rest Sue. You will be home soon enough. I'm glad things are going well.