Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sam's Journey Today

I think pictures always tell so much more...so here goes. Here is Sam in the pre-op holding area. The Ipad is again a wonderful distraction.
As you can see the Versed had it's proper effect. Sam decided to lay down and slowly the eyes began to droop and in a few minutes his face was flat on the Ipad screen.
Jeff and I decided this would be a great time to change him into his gown. Needless to say, he never budged which at 106 pounds makes getting clothes on and off a challenge. Ahhh...fast asleep.
Here is Sam after surgery in his room in the new ICU wing. The ICU always looks kinda scary and if you never have to be here...count your blessings. The new wing is so much nicer, bigger rooms with large bathrooms and they even have a little area by the window for the parent with a full size pull out bed. That sure beats the last time we were here and I slept in a conference room and was woken up when the first meeting of the day began. YIKES!
The Sam pose, arms over the head. Shortly after this photo Sam decided he didn't need his oxygen and removed it. That's okay it just means we are one step closer to going home.

I wanted to catch a quick peek at the brace. Whew...this could be interesting but he looks cute across from his bear and he has his brace on too!

Time for Mom to take a nap. Sleep well my little warrior!!!


  1. Praying or Sam and his sweet Mama and family tonight.

  2. wow, what a long day for everyone! Here's to praying for a speedy recovery!!!

  3. Sue, I am glad things are going well and hope that they will continue to do so.