Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oh Boy...You Have To See It To Believe It!!

Soooooo, yesterday was Sam's first day in the pool at the YMCA with his OT and personal trainer to start his rehab after hip surgery. After seeing his increased movement over the last couple of weeks I was very hopeful that this was going to be a great experience.

But, in true Sam fashion...I don't even know what to say...let me just show you:

We proceeded slowly and cautiously wheeling him into the water and letting him take it all in. His legs quickly began to turn purple so we knew we needed to get him out of the chair. Oh and I quickly realized it was time to go up a size in the swimsuit area. I guess laying in bed for 8 weeks isn't really a great weight loss plan. He didn't earn the name "Big Belly Sam Elly" for nuthin. So we strapped on the belt and the rest is Sam Mayer history.

Once Sam was in that water there was no stopping him. I will equate it to something my mom and dad have often said about the times during winter when they come to watch Sam and I finally leave the house for a bit. "It's like letting a bird out of a cage" and I always answer "I'm free, I'm free".

For a while Sam got to forget that he had hip surgery and he was free. He was swimming with his face under the water, blowing bubbles and kicking...kicking both legs with not a care in the world. His smile was as big as his face and his personality was in full force as he was deciding what they would and wouldn't be doing in the pool that day.

My heart needed this, it was as if God was saying "See, I told you he could do this and it would be okay." Amen and thank you God!!!

This kid has gone through so much in 10 years and yet he proves to me over and over that he is a fighter, he just never gives up. He doesn't let anything keep him down for long.

In the last video Sam is playing some balloon badminton and look at that smile.

He was standing on both feet and walking in the pool. He did have a noticeable limp...but he was walking. Ahhhh, life is good!

After about a half hour Sam finally tuckered out and I told Wendy and Anne it was time to remove the floating body from the pool. We wheeled Sam out, he had done enough. He didn't even protest during his shampoo and shower which showed just how tired he was. I then laid him down on the towels on the changing table, pulled off that suit which is really hard when you are dealing with over 100 lbs. of very tired jello. I covered him with some more towels and wheeled the pool chair out and brought his chair in. During that short period of time he almost fell asleep. I had to call Wendy back in to roll him over and get his underwear and pajama pants back on. There just was no more energy left in Sam, my usual Energizer Bunny looked more like a limp puppy. I finished getting him dressed, heaved him into the wheel chair, put on his jacket and hat and wheeled him to the door to wait for our taxi ride home. Here was our conversation.

Me: "Did you have fun in the pool Sam?"
Sam: "Yes, go home."
Me: "Are you tired, big guy?"
Sam: "Yes, go home, go bed."
Me: "The taxi will be here shortly."
Sam: "Go Taco Bell" (Yep, that's my boy always thinking about food)
Me: "The taxi is taking us home."
Sam: "Go to Florida."
Me: "Sorry Sam, Oprah never called, we're just going home"

....and then the moment that grabbed at my heart once again. He smiled his slow lazy smile and he said.

Sam: "Told you wately"

I knew in my heart he was playing a game I have played with all my children. At random moments I would ask them "Have I told you lately?" And they would answer as I did to Sam.

Me: "I love you!"

He then did his pound it where we hit our fists together and then he pulls back and opens his hand or as Danielle says explodes it.

I watched for the van through my tear filled eyes and thanked God once again for this miracle that is Sam.

As we drove home Sam's head continued to bob up and down, his beautiful blue eyes slowly opening and closing with each bump in the road.

He managed to stay awake for dinner....but really...we are talking about eating and food (something Sam rarely misses). At 8:00 he told me go to bed and I knew his big day was over. He tried to rally a third time but when he finally laid down he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Good Night my little continue to amaze me!


  1. Oh, Sue! How encouraging! Sam looked like he was having a ball.

    Anne Calzone

  2. Wow, look at him. Water is probably a fantastic thing for him. I can't wait to get Arina in the water. Go Sam go!

  3. Yea Sam!!!
    Yea Mom!!!
    Yea God!!!
    How wonderful for all of you. =D