Friday, February 4, 2011

You Just Have To Love Him!

Soooo, we are over 8 weeks post surgery and although Sam is not mobile, as in walking, we are still having fun. Sam had a little set back when his surgical incision began to look infected, instead we found out he was having a reaction to catgut (I know you're saying what the blazes is catgut??). Well it's time for your surgical lesson of the day. Catgut is a tough cord made from the intestines of certain animals particularly sheep and used for surgical sutures along with strings for violins, tennis rackets and other instruments. So now you know.

It appears that Sam's body doesn't like catgut, go figure, what exactly does Sam's body like....there's the million dollar question. After a few consults it was decided that Sam's incision looks good enough to begin PT/OT in the pool next week. Our Family Support program was wonderful enough to give us some passes for the taxi service and my back thanks them as that saves me from a couple of transfers on each trip. After Sam got out of his brace he didn't really move his left leg and he could not sit up. Now 2 weeks later things have changed....

There is nothing better than playing a little balloon badminton with your favorite sister (we won't remind Danielle that she is his only sister) (love the outfit Danielle, are you aware we live in Wisconsin, you know the frozen tundra)?

Look at that smile and form. Also a shout out of thanks to the Raines family from Fort Worth Texas. They are responsible for Sam sporting the TCU shirt "Go Frogs". Now before all my Wisconsin friends get up in one sent him a Badger shirt, so no complaining.

As you know...or maybe it's sneaking up on you...Valentines Day is right around the corner. Sam will be exchanging Valentines with his class mates so we had work to do. First a brief consult with Buddy on his thoughts for the coolest Valentines and treats.

Alright got it...then we had to decorate the Valentine box. I like to make sure Sam is able to help with projects soooooo......stickers (NO) tactile issues, cutting (NO) Mom will have to handle that, Valentines is all about hearts so I cut a bunch of hearts out of paper, had Sam apply the glue (not as bad of tactile issues as stickers) I pick my battles, and then let Sam apply them on top of each other, around the corners, over the top edge (you knew he would try it) and if I took a picture of the bottom of the box, yep they are there too. It's his box and I think he did an awesome job.

I added his name so everyone would know it was his box. Kinda funny story, I was cutting the letters and started with the "a" because I had a small piece of paper. Sam looked at it and said "No, Mom", "S", so of course I cut out the "m" who has the more difficult personality??Sam looked at it sighed, shook his head and said "Mom" "S" and then drew one on the table with his finger. I said "Oh, "S" I get it". He said "Yes, Ssssue!" I cut out the "S" and laid them on the box "maS", he said "No" but then tilted his head to the right and looked at the letters from right to left and said "Okay". Yep, he's mine!

So, now it was on to putting the monkey covers on the suckers. Yep, more fine motor work...just don't tell Sam because he thought it was fun and did all 24 without complaining. It was fun to watch him pick a sucker out of the box and then slowly work to open the bottom of the cover and push the sucker in until it was perfect. He was so proud of each one he did and then handed them to me for the ribbon tying. I knew you would enjoy the here goes.

First the selection of the red or white monkey and the perfect sucker.

Then the opening of the cover. Just a note, it doesn't matter how much oral motor work I have done with Sam's tongue, fine motor work brings it out every time and yes we have told his speech therapists that he would be a great replacement for Gene Simmons from KISS or now better known for the TV show Family Jewels. Love that show!!!

Next we shove that sucker (oops maybe I should have used the word lollipop) in that cover.

Sometimes putting them upright, helps get those suckers (ooops lollipops) in easier.

Then a quick quality check to make sure everything looks perfect.

And finally the hand off to Mom with a smile!!! I told you that you have to love this kid!

Now it was Sam's turn to write his name on each Valentine, stuff the Valentine and cross the name off the list. Now before you get too excited....I should mention we only did 3-4 per night. Planning ahead is crucial with Sam projects.

I think he and Buddy did a great job picking out some fun hamster Valentines!!!!

Sam always had chores before his surgery so I didn't want to have him get out of practice. Now that he can sit up we brought the Flip N Fold, out again. For anyone who is tired of laundry...this is for you! Make it fun and have your kids do it.

If towels are your burden, no worries, the Flip n Fold can handle those too!

It's so much fun, let's do one more!!! Sam is available to come to your house and fold your laundry if you live in a warm climate with a pool...hey he's not a low maintenance kind of guy!

And here he is with his stack of laundry folded beautifully. A job well done! Now I know everybody has their own way of folding...honestly...even a Type A personality like me had to adapt and needed to learn to let go. Are the towels folded the way I have been doing them most of my life? No, does it matter in the grand scheme of life....NO. Another life lesson learned, oh and this type of understanding/adjustment applies to husbands helping with household chores too!!! Just trying to keep peace throughout the world. Today the laundry...tomorrow cleaning the whole house while making Mom a gourmet meal. What???? A girl can dream!!!!!

Sam has been working with his homebound teacher 2 hours a day. She is wonderful but in true Sam fashion he is pulling out every behavior in the book hoping one of them will make her go away. She hasn't given up and what I really like is she keeps pushing him and praising him for any effort. In case you haven't read my blog before, my boys are allergic to school, learning and basically showing anyone with an educational degree how smart they actually are. I know...I'm blessed. Anyway, I'm enjoying the 2 free hours a day to make a dinner or clean the house or let's be honest sit and relax!!! I even opened a book the other day. I am living the good life.

Today we skyped Sam into his music class, he loves seeing his class and himself on the computer screen. Here's a short video of them singing "Shake Your Wiggles Out".

Stay tuned because we are hoping next week we see Sam in a vertical the pool...but him becoming comfortable with any amount of weight bearing...priceless!!!


  1. Great videos! I love the Valentine box! And those lollipop covers are too cute!

  2. He looks great! Can't wait to see him up again. And the valentines look great!

  3. Hello Sam! Greetings from Yokohama. Lauren just loves your flip n fold videos as she loves helping out with the laundry. And she likes your dog too.

    We hope you get well soon. Take care and keep warm.

    Gigi (Lauren's mom) and Lauren