Monday, June 20, 2016

Finding Time To Write

My blog posts seem to get further and further apart, not for lack of interesting things to post about but instead it is about taking the time to stop, collect my thoughts and write.  I have always said that my writing in this blog is my therapy and I could use a little therapy right now.

We are headed to St. Louis tomorrow for Sam's Total Hip Replacement surgery. He will be fitted for the post surgery brace and then we will head to Barnes Noble on Wednesday morning for the surgery. This could potentially be a huge turning point in Sam's mobility. This is our last chance at helping him regain full mobility and correcting his leg length issue...and I have put my trust in God and Sam's surgeon that this will work! Sam will walk without assistance again and his road to independence will take another turn toward meeting his goals.

It is never easy for me to put Sam into the hands of a surgeon or an anesthesiologist but what this surgery could do to improve Sam's quality of life is pushing us along. Sam and I have talked about the surgery and Sam continues to state that his hip is all better, even as he puts himself in traction or rubs his knee. My thoughts are very jumbled as they are every time I make serious medical decisions for Sam but I strive to keep moving forward, taking one day at a time, enjoying the present and giving my worry and anxiety to God. I have been doing everything I can to get Sam as healthy as possible for this surgery.  We have been juicing, using the Vest Clearance System and other respiratory therapy, increasing his arm strength and praying together...alot.

Sam is drifting off to sleep as I type and the sound of the keyboard is bothering him so I will sign off. Please keep my little warrior in your prayers. I'm praying for his surgeon, anesthesiologist, medical staff, and most of all for Sam that his respiratory system stays stable, his pain be manageable and his outcome be extraordinary. God bless all of you!

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