Sunday, June 26, 2016

Sam Update...Total Hip Replacement on Wednesday, back home on Thursday but we have a long road of recovery ahead of us.

For my family, friends and blog followers who do not have Facebook here are the updates:

We are at the hospital and Sam is currently singing country songs in the waiting room! Current favorites...the ever favorite "Remember When", "Life is a Highway", "That's What I Love About Sunday's" & "The Broken Road"!

Sam just went back to surgery. Impressed with how this hospital staff handled Sam and his sensory issues. He had a shot in the arm higher dose but still needed a second shot to get him loopy. They started everything fully dressed with him sitting in a chair. After he was loopy he was transferred to the bed where his IV, medical bracelets were put on and clothes were removed. Sam's only constant statement "I want to go home."

Sam's surgery is done. Dr. Clohisy said that surgery went very well, complicated due to Sam's pelvic deformity and the deformity of the femur but he feels the new hip is very stable and has a lot more movement than he had previously. They are closing the incision now and he will be moved to recovery. Hallelujah!

Sam just stood up, took a couple steps and sat in a chair. He is determined to go home! Now my little warrior is enjoying some ice cream!

There is talk about Sam going home today!!!!

We are headed home! This kid is a ROCKSTAR!

Sam is soooo happy to be home! He has been up and walking twice today. We want to thank all of you for your prayers, please know they have indeed been answered. We have insured brace compliance with a little duct tape but overall he is being a wonderful patient. Extra thanks to Aunt Julie, Faron & Eli for the Megaphone which he has mastered the use of, although I can hear the continuous "Mom, Sue...come here now!" pretty well without it!

Here is Sam, day 2 after surgery amazing me some more! I was amazed to see him stand without assistance and walk back to his bedroom. He is such a warrior and did all of this with minimal Sam grumbling. Wow! Simply WOW!
He still requires consistent pain medication and anti inflammatories and doesn't like me to be too far away for any need he may have but he is handling this very well. He is compliant on exercises and breathing treatments, no fever, great color and clear sounding lungs! I am thankful and counting our blessings!

A little balloon badminton to help keep him entertained out of bed but I think it was more of a quest to hit Buddy with the balloon! LOL 😊

A fresh squeaky clean Sam! He wasn't too happy about the sponge bath but he sure looks cute afterward! I had to remove the duct tape to open the brace and tuck his shirt in. Sam knows his sensory issues really pick up when he has pain so he asked to have the tape put back boy! Time for lunch, some pain medication and a nap. The nurse should be coming to draw blood and remove the dressing to check the surgical site. I may need some pain medication to get through that. 

The home nurse came in to check on Sam's incision. Sam's incision is closed with Prineo (a clear liquid sealant and mesh) that will remain on the incision for 21 days. All looked good. Still sponge bathing until I can spend some time with OT & PT to devise a good shower plan. Anytime Sam is without his brace is a huge risk of dislocation while he is healing.
Last night Sam began to run a fever, highest point was 101. Sam's pain medication contains acetaminophen so that addresses pain and fever. Thankfully his fever has gone down and I will keep a close eye on him today. He is a little crankier than usual, deciding to rip a hole in his shirt and yell a little louder than normal. The spitting behavior and complaining about his mouth has returned which may be an indication that the GERD is increasing so I will add some enzymes to help with digestion. I was hoping we would just keep moving forward with no setbacks, but I know that with Sam being Sam he will keep me on my toes. Praying for bucket loads of patience to deal with behavior issues, guidance to deal with the setbacks and faith that we will get through one day at a time in Sam's way and at his pace.



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  2. I hope you and Sam are doing well. God bless

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  4. Hi Sue,

    I’m sending a mom whose little one is newly diagnosed with Perthes your way.

    I’d love to hear how Sam made out after this!

    1. Hi Laura, Sounds good. Sam is doing awesome, he is 100% mobile and loving life again! He is working, volunteering and we are headed to Hawaii. I hope to start writing again, when we get back. Aloha!
      Sue & Sam

    2. Hi Laura!! My 8 year old son, Jacob, was just diagnosed with Perthes yesterday. We live in PA and went to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to see Dr. Sankar. It looks like you are in Wisconsin. I'll check out your blog, etc... Please share any words of advice. We need to decide relatively quickly as our son's x-ray progressed in one month (although he did not have any restrictions during that month). Dr. Sankar is recommending a triple pelvic osteotomy to protect the head of the femur. Thanks! Anna T

    3. I mean, Hi Sue!! Thanks Laura!! LOL!!

    4. Anna, one of the renowned Perthes specialists is located in Baltimore, Dr. Shawn Standard. You may want to seek a 2nd opinion from him. If you fax him x-rays he can give you advice on his webinar. Free of charge. Whoever you choose you want to make sure they have done the surgery a lot. Sam had 3 hip surgeries before his total hip replacement. They all served a purpose but the THR was the most remarkable recovery. Gave him 100% mobility back.

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